Amazonas Film Festival

The Amazonas Film Festival is taking place in Manaus. The self-styled eco-festival was established four years ago by Lionel Chouchan, who says in The Times article: “A single movie … can have more impact than any amount of Kyoto Protocol. Initially the idea of running an eco-festival appalled me because there wasn’t enough decent original material being made, but that has changed dramatically since 2003. The debate has gripped fashionable directors – eco-priests – who want to get involved. And it has become a good way for locals to find new ways of making money other than logging, selling parrots or clearing the forest for [ironically] eco-fuels.”

If life was only so easy… but it prompts the idea of starting a listing of forest films to accompany forest novels.

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One thought on “Amazonas Film Festival”

  1. Gallissian

    I guess that you need to contact Lionel Chouchan who runs the festival. Good luck.


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