Hike to Els Angels

Spain proudly & rightly celebrated the 29th anniversary of the restoration of democracy on the 6th of December. This weekend we mark this by hiking from Montilivi, Girona eastwards through the twisting, undulating 8km trail to Els Angels (Santuari Dels Angels) through the magnificent oak, cork and pine girona1.pngforests. Its a 2-3 hour and 480m uphill slog (with a couple of detours due to a couple of rather poorly-signed routes…) and a little less (downhill) homeward bound. The hilltop sanctuary is worth a visit not least for the view – westwards back cross the forests of the Girones region and eastwards to the Costa Brava coast (it was too murky to see the Pyreenes to the north) – but otherwise it seemed rather disappointing – in part because of the on-going restoration work and also perhaps because we were too tired to make more of an effort and needed to turn back to reach home before darkness fell (Dali married here, we guess the guests did not walk).


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