Football crazy and the tyranny of numbers

The football season starts – inexorably – again. My fantasy football team (The “Muthaiga All-Stars“) is almost ready. Last season we managed our highest points total over the past four seasons, but slipped in terms of highest position (570,780th).

The weekend agony of waiting for the results is quite different to that felt waiting on your favourite team. I’m utterly indifferent to any particular club’s performance, it is the points gained by my selected players that count. And the element of luck is evident. But in real life, my enjoyment of the weekend can be mucked up if Charlton do badly.

Like last season Charlton are not fancied to do so well. And Saturday’s loss in their first game was almost predictable – if any team will goof in the first game against a newly-promoted side, it’s Charlton. So I guess that they will finish at least in the top-10, and with luck get to the play-offs too.

Championship Odds


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