Fantasy Football

Congratulations to Champion Yusuf Sheikh from Tanzania who scored 2,512 points to top the Fantasy Premier League. But it was a proverbial season of two-halves, and certainly not one of success, for the All-Stars.


Out of 5.9 million participants – & how many of theses are active across the season? – I finished in 2,215,487th place, with 1,876 points.  The only good news is that I managed to move up 1.6m places from a low point on week 20, perhaps to the equivalent to mid-table respectability. The problem is that I put some more thought into team selection throughout this my ninth season. But it is my lowest ranking, and fourth lowest points score.


I managed a little better with the BBC Football Predictor game finishing in 27,017th position but with a huge points deficit to the top ranked players.


Fortunately everyone starts with a clean state on August 11th, including Squadguru and perhaps other AI players.


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